Thursday, October 6, 2011

My chili soup's history

Chili? Yummm….

Everyone in my family loves it.

From one recipe to another, mixing and guessing all the ingredients. Finally, I am proudly announce that this is the only original recipe ever comes from my self. From few experiments I’ve made, I finally found the taste of perfect Chili I’ve been looking for. Sweet like honey that melted in our mouth, combine with a little sour taste from tomatoes gravy. Bring a super joy in every drop of the soup.

I present it as a new pleasure among my family, which is why it doesn’t taste spicy at all. So everyone can enjoy it, from the oldest to the youngest. Even my 1 years old son.

Than I found, one of the best ways to enjoy this chili is to serve it with crunchy seasoned fries, with 3 simple steps.

1. Put the fries in the bowl.
2. Pour over the chili.
3. Sprinkled with grated cheese.
There I’ve found a perfect menu, which I knew will be perfect for you too.

Dying to try? 

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